Listen Linda, Don't Put Your Phone In Rice

While some will swear by this method trust scientific evidence AND me that the rice method truly does NOT do anything for your device. I have heard countless testimonies lately of how 'rice saved my wet phone, tablet, or iPad'. Trust me when I say that rice has ZERO magical healing powers. What saves a liquid damaged device from complete damage is immediately shutting the device off once it becomes wet. This is what leads people to believe that 'magic rice' saved their phone when it in fact did no such thing.

Not only is rice method the least effective means of remedying your liquid damaged device, it has the potential to cause further damage to your device. How? The rice can get inside of your phone through any of the ports and once it becomes wet the rice will fluff. CONGRATULATIONS! You now have a 'rice phone'. I often laugh when I think about my time working in the Sprint Store back home in Kansas City when I was the Lead Service and Repair Technician. On several occasions I had customers come in with their phones. Some would be honest with me and tell me that they some how got their device wet while others thought that they could outsmart me. I recall two customers in particular who were so irate and frustrated when they came into the store demanding new phones BEFORE I could even look at their devices. One customer firmly told me, 'I don't know why this stupid phone is not working. You need to give me a new one... NOW!' I took the phone back to my repair bench and opened it up to find... water and rice inside of his phone. Ha, ha, ha! Long story short, he had to admit that he had gotten his phone wet and tried the rice method which clearly did not work.

Believe it or not I have been a repeat offender of getting my devices wet in the past. I once dropped three of my Blackberry's and one HTC cell phones into the bathtub and toilet (don't laugh at my clumsiness LOL) on several separate occasions. I would consider myself a 'wet phone expert' because of this. Due to my carelessness I quickly learned how to revive my phone. DO NOT try charging the device or turning it back on while it is wet. Sending any power source to the device will cause electrical damage, 'fry the board'. DO NOT try to charge it or turn it back on for no less than 24 hours. For best results, stand the device upright. This will allow all the liquid to drain from the device. After 24 hours and checking to ensure that the device is dry, you may then attempt to power the device back on.

Keep in mind that although your device may power back on it may or may not work as it once did. Meaning, that it may have some dead spots, the charging port could be damaged, some buttons could be inoperable, it could ghost surf, etc. These are just the side affects of liquid damage and corrosion that may form on the system board of the device. Corrosion to the board can be remedied by cleaning the internal components of the device with 91% alcohol. I have had a great deal of success with bringing a liquid damaged phone back to life by using the steps that I have provided in the blog. Listen, Linda. Rice is for eating - period! Don't waste good rice on your wet iPhone.

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