You May Qualify For A FREE Apple Device Repair

I must admit that I have such a Love > Hate relationship with Apple. I meet with my therapist weekly to discuss this (just kidding). If anyone should bad mouth Apple around me I'd be willing to fight (no, seriously! That's how much I LOVE Apple). Particularly Android users just love to bash iPhones until you ask them about their exploding cell phones then all of a sudden they clam up. It was not that long ago, 2016 actually, when Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users could not even board flights because their devices were deemed as 'unsafe' because they could and would explode without notice.

Remains of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cell phone that exploded in 2016.

It's all fun and games until your cell phone starts shooting out sparks like a WS Dash baseball game 4th of July fireworks display at BB&T Stadium. I just will not allow Android users to live that down and it is also another reminder that Android devices are what? Trash! For all that is GREAT about iPhone and Apple, I have to address all that I think is bad. My mine gripe with Apple is their lack of acknowledging 'known issues' with some devices and making their exchange and repair program notices more public. With the exception of Apple's 'Battery Gate' other exchange and repair notices are not sent as press releases so that consumers are aware. Unless you registered your brand new device upon purchasing it, which I recommend to all my users, you will not be aware of recalls via an email or postcard in the mail. When troubleshooting device issues one of the things that I ask is 'how old is the device?' mainly because if the device was purchased within a year it is highly likely that it may be under warranty. I am always for repair versus replace especially if repairing the device will be less costly than replacing it with a new device. Over the past couple of months while looking into customer device warranty coverage I have found information regarding device issues that qualify for Apple's Exchange and Repair Extension Program. There are several issues that are eligible for Apple's exchange, recall, and repair extension programs, with most of the programs offering free exchange or replacement. Yep, FREE!!! What's better than $FREE.99?

Pictured below is a list of some of the devices and issues that Apple is currently addressing in their Exchange + Repair Extension Program,

One of the most costly repairs is the Apple Watch, no matter what series or the millimeter size, due to the glass being very expensive. For instance, Geek In Heels charges $225 for Apple Watch Series 3 glass screen repair and the Apple Genius Bar charges $329. However, if your glass has cracked on your Apple Watch Series 2 or 3 due to a now known issue of battery swelling then you will qualify for a FREE device repair under the Exchange + Repair program.

Apple Series 2 and 3 have screen cracking issues due to faulty battery swelling beneath the display

The Exchange + Repair Extension Program does cover those devices that are no longer under warranty. The only caveat is that you either have to make an appointment at the Greensboro Genis Bar or ship your device off to the Apple Tech Service Center to have the repairs completed. Both can be inconvenient and time-consuming. Did you know that Geek In Heels can make your Genius Bar appointment and take your device in to have it serviced on your behalf? For $29.99 Geek In Heels offers Genius Bar concierge service to schedule appointment at Genius Bar, pick-up and drop off your device. For more details you may contact us directly. If you are not sure if your device qualifies for the Apple Exchange + Repair Extension Program feel free to contact Geek In Heels directly for assistance. What beats free?

Of couse no device is perfect (except Apple devices), occasionally problems arise and should be expected. Before throwing away your gadget or buying a new one it does not hurt at all to obtain a price quote for the repair, check warranty coverage and also check to see if your device issue may qualify for a free repair. When it doubt if it's an Android, throw it out! :)

Well, that's it. That's all that I have for now. If you have any questions feel free to contact Geek In Heels. Have a great day.

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